Ancestral Guard

The Ancestral Guard is an indigenous organizing network. Our programs combine Traditional ecological knowledge, science and values of world renewal.


  • Traditional canoe building
  • Drum making
  • Gathering and processing of local traditional foods
  • Victory Gardens
  • Food Sovereignty

Why we do this work

We believe that the key to engaging a community to address cultural or environmental issues, is to connect them directly with the resource. If people get to taste the salmon, they understand the importance of protecting the resource so that they can sustain their families for generations to come. 

This is why we take children on canoes to explore the river, it’s why we host workshops to learn how to find, harvest and process traditional foods and this is why we teach children how to make regalia so that they can feel like they are a part of something bigger. 

Down the road, when we need to mobilize and stand up for a cause, we have a network of informed community members who are connected to the land and resources they depend on, which makes them more effective at engaging, and igniting change.

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